A Quartet of Stories

Available to read in print and on Kindle, and to listen to via Audible, Bandcamp and iTunes...

Embracing science fiction, suspense and the supernatural, this genre-bending collection explores the contradictions and complexities of the human condition...

  • A man in a dead-end job finds his life changed by an encounter with his past
  • A stranger charms his way into the life of an attractive woman – but his motive is shrouded in mystery
  • In a bombed-out future, a young man nurses a very private obsession
  • A man growing old finds himself haunted by ghosts - but are they only inside his imagination?

Sometimes exuberantly funny, sometimes bittersweet, Sugar will delight both new readers and those familiar with Matthew Waterhouse’s novels.

If you've read Blue Box Boy and are tempted to try more of Matthew's work, this is where to start.


What Noise is a production and publishing house, established in 2011 on a foundation of over a decade's experience in developing audio drama and talking books - producing titles for BBC Audiobooks/AudioGO, Big Finish Productions, RNIB Talking Books, Audible, Random House, Rushforth Media and more.

The company ethos is purely 'create good work'; to produce and promote interesting stuff which might other wise go unmade or unnoticed. We have over a dozen audio titles available to purchase or in preparation, plus a smattering of books and ebooks under our Head Music imprint. More to come, always.

All titles are available to purchase from Bandcamp worldwide and Amazon in the UK. Audiobooks and audio drama are available as downloads and mostly also in either CD or MP3-CD format. Books are all available in Kindle eBook format; most are also available as print copies.

Company director David Darlington is an audio producer, sound engineer, writer and musician - among other things - and lead engineer at Audible UK Studios. He was formerly an audio/content producer at RNIB Talking Books, producing, directing and editing accessible audio productions of diverse works. David produced the 'narrated soundtracks' series of Doctor Who releases from AudioGO, still creates sound design and music for various BBC Audio audiobooks and is co-producer of Dark Shadows for Big Finish Productions. He has worked on various dramas for Audible UK including Alien: Out of the Shadows, Carmilla and Unheard.

In addition to talking book and audio drama and documentary work, David worked on several music video projects including Warriors' Dance by the Prodigy, The Night Sky (promo and accompanying documentary pieces) by Keane and the first promotional video podcasts and live videos from Artmagic, plus a number of short independent movies, including Break-In, Sunday, My Fifteen Minutes and the award-winning Speechless. He has undertaken forensic sound restoration, sound editing, mixing and music composition work on various DVD projects for 2|entertain, Revelation Films and Covert Productions (for Tenth Planet). He has lectured on sound design for audiobooks for Napier University, Edinburgh.

"David is an expert, safe and steady pair of hands, there on the other side of the glass, filtering out all those stomach rumbles, mouth noises and mistakes, as I haltingly work my way through whatever the current genre is of the audiobook I am narrating." (Nigel Carrington, experienced narrator)

"David is an expert in the field of audio book sound design and production. He produced a fascinating lecture about his field, demystifying the process and misconceptions. He is a natural lecturer who can captivate and inform his audience."
(Iain McGregor, Napier University)

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