When Harry Met Sheila

When Harry Met Sheila is the story of highly acclaimed comedy actress, Sheila Steafel, her relationship with Steptoe and Son actor Harry H. Corbett and how a woman, who should have had the world at her feet, ultimately destroyed her marriage and promising career.

Sheila's autobiography is a brave and honest account by an actress who was once crowned 'The Queen of Comedy', in which she explores how the traumas of her childhood - growing up in a dysfunctional family in apartheid-torn South Africa in the 1930s and 40s - have impacted her personal life and career. This book also provides a fascinating insight into the world of the entertainment industry and shows how easy it is for the dreams and aspirations of those in the business to fall by the wayside. It will appeal to anyone interested in the human condition and demonstrates the huge impact that childhood experiences have on our adult lives. When Harry Met Sheila is a powerful story about one woman s journey of self discovery and her struggle to finally let go of the demons of the past.

When Harry Met Sheila is available to download, complete and unabridged - in a format of your choice - from our download site at bandcamp, for just £12 for twelve hours of audio. Alternatively, the title is available to purchase on a single MP3-CD from both bandcamp and Amazon. Autographed copies, signed and dedicated by the author, are available from the author's own website.




Written and Read by SHEILA STEAFEL



Made in England

Running Time approximately 12 hours


  • ...for once [the editor] has no queries, and actually stated the book is a great read and you have a wonderful style of writing. This has never been said before about other books! - Editor, Apex Publishing
  • I love your book.You’re an exquisite writer....It’s like reading a novel. I forget this is not a fiction because it’s so deeply felt and imaginative. - Dan Levin, TV & film director, USA
  • I didn’t want to leave it alone I was immersed in your world, your life. I think its a fine piece of writing and a compelling autobiography. But sad. Honest and sad. - Sir Arnold Wesker F.R.S.L.
  • I’ve read a lot of showbiz autobiographies, but never has one affected me or produced so many emotions in me. - Sean Davies
  • 5.30 a.m. Just finished reading your book, I literally couldn’t put it down. Not only is it beautifully written, witty and absorbing, but also your honesaty, sincerity, compassion, and perception about yourself and others is extraordinarily moving. - Chris Pickles, Director & Head of London Drama School
  • I finished your lovely book. It packs quite a punch: it’s human, humane, funny, sad, wise, witty, wonderfully self-aware- I enjoyed it hugely.. It’s going on the shelf with my all-time favourites. Truly. - Gyles Brandreth
  • Unlike many autobiographies, I was refreshingly struck bythe candid, and at times, brutal honesty of yor work. It occurred to me that it should be a set text to be taught in high schools on the nature of love, life, families, and relationships. - Anthony Zehetner
  • I recently purchased a copy of When Harry Met Sheila from Amazon to get to know a bit more about your career/life, when some bugger nicked my bag with it in it... so now you’ll be able to tell people you’ve actually been pinched on the tube! - Edward Bryant
  • This is a marvellous book, an un-put-down-able story and an honest account of what life on foot, and elsewhere in the toughest of businesses, is really about. These days there has to be lots of TV and film acting, plus voice-overs for commercials and, to my personal delight, reading novels to make audio books for blind people too, to make a successful career; and I take especial. pleasure in the fact that Sheila read the texts of my six volume series The Poppy Chronicles. Is that a plug? Yer darn tootin’ it is - for both of us. - Claire Rayner
  • At an early age Sheila Steafel realized she was a natural at making people laugh. This led her to her career as an actress. However, it is her story of her love for Harry H. Corbett that will really capture your heart. What will endear you to this author is her brutal honesty about all the mistakes she made along the way to success. Her strong personality often clashed with those she worked for and with leaving her with the feeling that she was sabotaging her life. This aside, the story of the realities of touring plays and how shows must go on drive the book forward and tell the exciting story of what it is like to live your entire life as a successful actress. I think you will love this book because the writing is warm and engaging! - Rebecca Johnson
  • If you want a warts-and-all account of an actor's life - this is the book for you! As well as the highs and lows of an impressive career, Sheila Steafel also tells of her childhood in South Africa; her yearning to attend a London drama school - and her subsequent adventures as a performer. - Monica W
  • Terrific, well written book. An actor's life is not an easy one, and Sheila tells her story compellingly. The anecdotes are fun too! A very under-rated (comedic) actress tells her tale. - S. A. Stokes


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